Refund Policy

Refund Policy

While you are searching for a reliable source to prepare your academic papers, you also look for the money back assurance if the work is not up to the mark or meet your standard of education. We offer you a limited option to call for the money you paid, in other words, to make a refund. With that, before placing any order the customers have to agree the company’s refund policy to strengthen our relationship with you.

The Paid Editing offers a refund policy, but in such special cases, here we have listed the rules that should be strictly observed so that you can get a successful refund.

In case you change your mind 100% refund will be issued before start working. In addition to it, if you do not want to pursue with our service after placing your order, you can send a request for a refund, however, 15 percent processing fee will be charged.

In an event of errors, if the delivered work doesn’t meet your requirements you ask for money back. However, we encourage our clients to first utilize our infinite free revision services, it offers you to revise and recheck the papers and even then you are unsatisfied we will allocate another expert to meet your guidelines just to draft the paper on the initial requirements. Moreover, if you still decide to claim refund, it will be processed by mutual agreement on a certain percentage (only if you receive entirely different and irrelevant paper from your instructed conditions).

We believe in delivering the order in time and within a specified deadline, but if you fail to receive your product even after contacting us for at least three times, you need to show the evidence and get your money back by proving our fault for the late delivery.

Refund must be claimed within 90 days of delivery. If any claim is placed after the deadline will not be accepted in this way all the customers must notify the deadline of claiming a refund.

Cases where refund not will be delivered

The company reserves the rights of not appreciating your refund in case of late delivery due to technical errors. Also, the minor mistakes, such as spelling, grammatical and punctuation error, less word count and few references. However, the company will come up with the mutual negotiation with the customer either settle, partial refund or concession for the future orders. The company will not accept refund request on the basis of low grades.

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