Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy at Paid Editing is a special form of agreement between the company and its customers. You should enter this agreement as soon as you express your adequate approval. This privacy policy covers the whole website and will be applied to the use of this website.

General Information

The objective of our company is to provide you with the maximum quality services, in order to make it possible, we consider it obligatory to have a simple and correct identification procedure in place as well as medium of communication. Whatever the information is collected by the visitors at Paid Editing is for the purpose of improving the experience of the users on the website.

The information collected on the basis of this document would be considered as the legal and fair agreement.

Once you fill any questioners or any form, communicate with us, identify your personality the information is submitted to the company’s server. Also, we can collect the information by observing your activities on our websites, tracking your transactions, and save the browsing cookies. Most importantly, we never take information which concerns your political views, ethnic origin, your mental or health condition, criminal sentences, and your beliefs or religion.

Personal Information

The company only ask for your personal information such as your phone number, email ID, certain information of your credit card and a copy of your national ID or driving license in order to prepare your work and deliver it back to you.

The email ID is used to send you notifications and keep you up to date with the company’s new policies and packages, and most importantly order completion or any related clarification needed by our service.

The phone number is used for the purpose of marketing and promotion as well as informed with the latest policies and special discounts.

Cookies and Web Browsing

We gather cookies in order to provide you smooth and easy experience. Also, if you are operating from any other devices such as mobile or any other similar device, the browser type, operating system and access time will automatically get saved in the company’s server.

The privacy policy of our company ensures that the confidentiality of the customer’s personal information will remain the company’s secret. We assure complete secrecy of our customers and no information would be shared with any third party outside the company’s surroundings.

If you have any questions, write to us at

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